The One Book Every Photographer Should Own

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I am a big fan of the photo book and always adding to my collection. For me they are an incredible resource, and a journey into another photographer’s craft. Through photo books we can all find inspiration, an education, and a reason to continue the photographic journey.

My Number One Photo Book

Their are thousands of great books out there, but the most valuable in terms of education is Magnum Contact Sheets. Just recently re-issued in a paperback edition this is a photo book which keeps on giving every time you open it. Some of the world’s finest and renowned photographers belong to the Magnum photographic co-operative and the book doesn’t disappoint with a who’s who of the photography world.

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Seville, Espagne, 1933
Henri Cartier-Bresson – Seville, Espagne, 1933

From Bresson to Goldberg

Beginning with Henri-Cartier Bresson in 1930 and ending with Jim Goldberg in 2010 the book captures the importance and beauty of the contact sheet. Each contact comes with insights and musings from the photographers themselves or people close to the photographs, detailing the creative process and the stories behind the images.

The book features over 446 illustrations covering decades of history and culture by the best photographers at the top of their game. Some of my favourite featured photographers in the book include: Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt, Bruce Davidson, Josef Koudelka, Alex Webb, Martine Franck, and Bruce Gilden.

Josef Koudelka - Prague Invasion
Josef Koudelka – Prague Invasion

It’s A Learning Curve

Turn on the kettle, and walk alongside some of the most compelling photographs – steeped in brilliance, bravery, and creativity. Learn why certain images were chosen to be seen over other ones. In today’s over saturated world of photography it’s important to understand the editing process bound by the contact sheet. And why until now the other photographs surrounding the chosen one have never been seen.

Magnum Contact Sheets in paperback is now available from Amazon on the link below.

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