X-PRO3: First Thoughts and Shots In Dubai

The Christmas holidays gave me some much needed time with my new X-Pro 3 and it was lots of fun! Never in my photography lifetime have I wanted to pick-up, play and tinker with a camera so much. The X-Pro 3 has got me hooked and I can’t wait to feed my addiction with time, shadow and sunshine.

Customising the film recipes to achieve different looks and trying to emulate film stocks of old got me through the Christmas hangovers and food coma. If you own a Fujifilm camera it’s definitely worth checking out the Fuji X Weekly website and trying out some of their film recipes – hours of joy guaranteed.

The X-Pro 3 is a unique and powerful tool – coming over from the Canon 6D, I still have a lot to learn and understand, but the learning curve is enjoyable and full of surprises. The community surrounding the Fuji system makes it very easy to expand your knowledge and push your creativity to new limits.

The in-camera raw processor is a game changer for me and allows me to make minor adjustments without the need for Lightroom; ensuring I maintain the Fuji colours the way they were intended. Sometimes a crop is needed, and as you cannot crop raw in camera I found exporting the image as a 16-bit Tiff and cropping in Lightroom is a good work around to keep the Fuji colours in-line.

The X-Pro 3 was launched under the guise of various slogans ‘A Different Breed’ and ‘Pure Photography’ and they are not wrong. There is no other camera like it, Fuji have created a monster of a camera and it certainly encourages you to take lots of photographs.