If you google Klong Toey in Bangkok, Thailand – you’ll soon find out that it is home to a huge market, a port, a football team, and a ‘slum’ community. I visited the so-called ‘slum’ back in April and walked around the area throughout the day meeting and photographing its wonderful residents.


Through western eyes Klong Toey is a ‘slum’, but to the upwards of 80,000 people who live there it’s a proud and caring community. Local businesses thrive meeting the daily needs of residents, and many people find work on the nearby port and market. Klong Toey is full of energy and a strong sense of achievement of what the people have created for themselves in the face of poverty and adversity is inspiring.

The people are Klong Toey’s real asset. The residents I met were friendly and extremely hospitable, offering me food, drinks, and stories. It’s a place where everyone has each other’s back, and everyone knows how each takes their tea.

With the support of charities and organisations, such as the excellent Duang Prateep Foundation, most children are able to attend school and access healthcare services. In addition, the foundation also supports a range of projects that improve the lives of residents, including a kindergarten program, a lunch and nutrition program, an aids project, as well as disabled and senior citizen services.


When the weekend hits, football is the order of the day – and the people of Klong Toey are fanatical in their support for their local team – Port F.C. Every home game sees thousands of residents check in  to the nearby PAT stadium.

Towards the end of my visit to Klong Toey I met a gentleman who lost his house to a recent fire which destroyed many homes in the area. He had only managed to save a few belongings from the fire, one of which was a clock featuring the recently deceased king. He spoke of his determination to rebuild, so he could hang his clock back in its rightful place.

You can support some of the organisations and charities doing great work in Klong Toey by finding out more and clicking on the links below.

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