Taken in Cholon, Saigon, Vietnam

Streets of Cholon (HCMC, Vietnam)

chol 6-1263
Looking for winning numbers, hopes and dreams at Cholon market.
chol 9-1212
Newspaper seller somewhere in Cholon.
chol 8-1256
Who gets fed first? Cholon market, HCMC.
chol 4-1327
Places to be. Apartment block of colours in Cholon.
chol 2-1368
Two worlds collide. Taking pause at Thien Hau Temple, Cholon.
chol 10-1202
An abandoned mansion open for business.
chol 1-1360
Clouds of incense and offerings fill the air at Thien Hau Temple.
chol 3-1333
What is wrapped up in all those banana leaves?
chol 5-1273
She smiles in the next photo.